Andrew and Rachel :: Northern Virginia Wedding Photography

The forecast called for highs in the 90s and fiery show of thunder and lightening in the afternoon. As we made our way to Andrew and Rachel's wedding last Saturday, Jessie and I stared the growling black clouds straight in the eye and begged them to stay far, far away. And, for the most part, they did. Andrew and Rachel's wedding turned out to be a beautiful affair and I was SO excited to join Jessica Smith again in documenting the couple's love. I never truly understood the amount of time and effort that goes into planning a wedding until I had my own. A bride (as well as the groom) is responsible for throwing a celebration to not only commemorate such an incredible day, but to introduce others to who the duo truly is as a couple. Andrew and Rachel love reading. Love reading. So much so that for years the two have taken turns reading classic novels aloud to one another. The couple has shared hundreds of books together and as such they knew it would be important to incorporate this special aspect of their relationship into their wedding day. Every window sill in the church was lined with piles of old novels while every table at the reception was laden with stacks of the couple's most beloved reads. Even the wedding cake was a reflection of their adoration for the written word. My most favorite weddings are the ones in which the couple is truly revealed to the guests. I love being able to attend a wedding and leave with the certainty that I know both the bride and groom better than when I arrived. It is only then that I feel as though I can truly celebrate with the couple on their special day.

Andrew and Rachel's wedding was perfect because it was a reflection of who they are. I was so honored to get to know them and watch as they entered into their life as husband and wife. I hope you enjoy looking at their wedding pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Is this not the coolest flower girl hair you ever did see? Accompanied only by the most handsome ring bearer. Ever.

And this is why technology is incredible. So that even when your loved ones can't fly home from China, they can still be a present part in your special day.

I can spot a Pottery Barn gift from a mile away. I almost hid the pearly square box in the trunk of  the car so I could open it myself.

I've looked at this picture a hundred times and I still can't help but smile.  A little boy's spirit is seriously hard to top.

I like to think it competes only with the spirit of a man who's seen thirty thousand days.

Andrew and Rachel, congrats on your marriage and your new life together. I know it's going to be just wonderful!