Darren + Brenna :: Ashland Oregon Wedding

I can’t put my finger on what about this wedding made my heart so full. Granted, the setting was stunning, the food delicious, the people absolutely gorgeous and the bride and groom just as beautiful on the inside as they were on the out. Their families were fun, loud, big hearted people (just the way we like them) and their vows made even yours truly cry. But Colton and I left Darren and Brenna’s wedding feeling like we had just photographed something truly special and genuine and real…and so much fun. This was the type of wedding where, had we not been documenting the day, I’d have wanted to be a guest at the party. Along with their amazing families and fantastic friends, these two made the perfect combination of a day. It was a wedding that was equal parts heartfelt and touching and intimate, while still being a total and complete riot on the dance floor.

…the sweetest blend of everything a wedding should be without anything it shouldn’t.