Ben + Erin

I’ve never had a couple have to take the words ‘in sickness and health’ so literally on their own wedding day. The night before Ben and Erin’s wedding, Erin sent me a text to let me know that Ben had become violently ill at the rehearsal dinner. This wasn’t just any sick, it was so-sick-he-spent-the-night-before-his-wedding-in-the-emergency-room, sick. At 2pm., an hour before Ben and Erin’s ceremony was supposed to begin, Ben was still in bed feeling absolutely terrible. Yet despite the royally unfortunate timing of the flu and the brutally hot weather, you’d have never known Ben was in pain. Nothing could distract these two from the happiness that was marrying their best friend!

I truly believe it when I say I get to photograph the most incredible couples in the world. Ben and Erin’s ceremony was so touching and their words so sweet and, as is a reoccurring theme with all of my weddings this year, as Ben and Erin vowed to spend forever together I couldn’t help but feel truly lucky to be in attendance.

Ben and Erin (and both of your incredibly warm + loving families!!), thank you so much for your never ending smiles and your kind hearts and your wonderful hugs. Your joy was so beautiful to watch and left me with only the warmest of wishes for your new adventure as husband and wife!

Lots of love and a million thanks!!