Hannah + Cory :: Camp Sherman Wedding

If ever there was a blog post I had a hard time finding the words for, it would be this one. The weekend of Hannah and Cory’s wedding also happened to bring one of the craziest snowstorms Oregon had seen in years. It was the type of storm that was completely all encompassing, and maybe even a little overwhelming. Homes were snowed in, businesses were closed and entire towns were shut down. Yet when Colton and I pulled up to Camp Sherman’s Lake Creek Lodge we were greeted with smiles and hugs and an undeniable air of excitement. People were so overjoyed to be watching these two amazing people tie the knot that not even a record setting winter storm could dampen their spirits.

Hannah + Cory, truth be told, everything I try to write seems too cliché to publish. I keep typing words only to erase them because they all feel too contrived to use in yourrrr blog post. But know that deep down nothing makes me happier than finally getting to call you Mr. and Mrs. Tanler. Your friendship means the world to us and Colton and I are honored to call you peers. Such a huge part of our life thus far has been made rich because of memories we’ve made with you two - be it Hannah and me in second grade, Cory and Colton in middle school, or all four of us in college. Your wedding made us smile, laugh, cry, and dance, and at times it even made me do all four simultaneously. I think it was a perfect representation of just how deep your relationship reaches. You’re loved by so many because despite life’s highs and lows, you never stop laughing and you never stop dancing.

So on that note, I'm sending over a hundred hugs and a million congrats on this exciting new chapter of life. I'm beyond happy for you both and cannot wait to see what crazy adventure life has in store for you. Simply put, we love you guys to the moon and back and truly cannot thank you enough for always being the greatest of friends.