Jason + Kahly at Lake Creek Lodge

Colton – along with my mom, and Colton’s mom, and anyone I’ve talked to at any length about this summer’s weddings - can attest to the fact that I’ve been looking forward to Jason and Kahly’s wedding since I first spoke with Kahly on the phone. I have the honor of working with a collection of truly wonderful couples and, without fail, I leave every wedding feeling beyond blessed to have the clients I do. Jason and Kahly are the epitome of everything that is great about my job. They’re fun, down to earth, naturally beautiful people whose highest priority was making sure their wedding was a memorable getaway for their guests. Ever since hearing about their shared passion for fly fishing and their love of the outdoors, I not-so-secretly hoped they’d book me for their big day. And when they did hire me, the countdown began until I was able to capture their wedding at Camp Sherman’s Lake Creek Lodge.

Jason and Kahly opted for one of my most favorite types of celebrations. Living in Seattle, they chose Central Oregon as a destination for their wedding and offered their guests an extended weekend of gorgeous outdoor activities, good beer, and great (fly) fishing. While their ceremony may have been on a Saturday afternoon, their wedding took place over the course of a nearly a week as they were surrounded by the best of family and friends. Marriage is a big leap and simply put, there’s no better way for a couple to jump into the adventure than by doing so with those who have supported and encouraged their relationship along the way.

Jason and Kahly, a million thanks are in order for letting me share in your celebration. Your day was beyond beautiful and I left your wedding wondering how I got lucky enough to document a day like your own. Thank you for being such a joy to work with and thank you for making my job so easy!!


Zack & Kaylie

To be honest, getting to blog engagement photos of this gorgeous couple has been a long time, years really, in the making. I took a minute to look back on the weddings I've photographed over the past few years and realized that Kaylie has been in or at five of my couples' weddings. Five!! It's part of the reason that finally being able to take pictures of these two is so special. For so long Zack and Kaylie have been celebrating the love of friends and family that now it's even more exciting to get to be supporting their own celebration.

Last month I hopped a quick flight to Seattle for an afternoon of engagement pictures in the city. True to form, Seattle thought it would be a prime time for rain showers and blustery winds. But the thing about a couple like Zack and Kaylie is that not even gloomy weather can dampen their smiles, or their love, toward one another. These two were so naturally beautiful in front of the camera that, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought they asked for the rain themselves.

Zack and Kaylie, I know you know I think the world of you both. It truly means so much to be part of this beautiful year of yours. I'm beyond happy for you and cannot wait to document your wedding this fall.

...and also to come visit you and your handsome puppy in Seattle again.