Jason & Kate

It's always a joy when I get emails from newly engaged couples inquiring about photography services. But it's a whole different level of happiness when I get emails from old friends letting me to know they met someone, fell in love, and are planning a wedding. It's no exaggeration when I say I've known Kate for as long as I can remember. From ballet classes at...3?! To beehive soccer to tap and jazz and everything in between. Truth be told (and I'm sorry for sharing this with the world, Kate), we memorized every line from the movie Greece and went so far as to reenact scenes for our parents. And while we lost touch after high school and college and life happened, it goes without saying that I was thrilled when I heard from Kate again this summer. She had fallen for a handsome man named Jason and together they were planning their wedding for next fall. It was such an honor to capture these two during such an exciting season of their lives and I think I speak for all when I say HighFives for old friends becoming new friends again!

Daniel + Michelle :: Oregon Outdoor Wedding

Daniel and Michelle had one of those magical days that made me feel so lucky to have the job that I do. Getting to capture people in love, surrounded by those they love the most while celebrating life together, is a beautiful thing and something I feel truly fortunate to get to do. This summer Mr. + Mrs. Unverferth married in a great big field under a big blue sky, and I couldn't have been any more thrilled to get to document their day.

It's important to note that this wasn't just any field in the country. It was the same special spot where Daniel + Michelle had their first date, and later their first kiss, so many years ago. It was only fitting that these two marry in this field, where they could share their first kiss as husband and wife in front of the family and friends who helped to weave their story together.