Austin Texas Military Wedding at The Terrace Club

We were fortunate to meet some wonderful people throughout Colton's time in the Marine Corps. We first met Josh and Katie in 2010 when Colton and Josh attended The Basic School together. And while our military journeys never landed us in the same spot again, the beauty of the Marine Corps is that the friends met along the way tend to last forever, regardless of how many miles or years might separate us.

Last month I flew to Josh and Katie's hometown of Austin to photograph their wedding. While it's true that I couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous venue or a more beautiful day, I really couldn't have asked for a more special couple. It was honor to get to photograph these two and capture this exciting new season of adventure for them and their families.

Many thanks to The Terrace Club in Austin for being so wonderful to work with.

Costa Rica Wedding at Dreams Las Mareas

Last month Colton and I hopped a quick flight to San Jose for a much anticipated wedding in Costa Rica. This was my first time in the country and I don't think I could have dreamed up a more perfect first visit if I tried. I know our whirlwind trip was all for work, but I couldn't help but feel as though it was so much more play than that.

Dan and Amy were married at a private beach in Costa Rica's northern Guanacaste coast. There was something truly special about this destination wedding. Friends and family who made the trek to Guanacaste were able to spend upwards of a week celebrating these two beautiful people. And by the time they were married on that sandy Pacific beach, there wasn't a stranger in the group.

Dan and Amy, THANK YOU!! Your wedding will be a highlight in my memory for years to come. I'm so beyond happy for you two and I feel so fortunate to call you not only clients, but also friends. So many thanks and a million warm wishes for your happy future together!