Coming to a Town Near You!

I spent the better part of this morning making travel arrangements for the wedding of two of my veryvery best friends next month. All of the coordinating and mileage plan numbers and confirmation emails got me thinking about my upcoming 2014 travel schedule. I'm feeling extra thankful to get to be traveling to a handful of pretty amazing places this year, and you can bet my camera will be by my side for all of them.

I thought I'd share my spring 2014 lineup as of late. If I’m in your area, let’s be friends and grab coffee. Or maybe if I’m lucky, you’ll even let me take pictures of your beautiful face.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada // Feb. 28th-Mar. 3rd
  • Boise, Idaho // Mar. 7th-11th
  • Paris // May 1st-4th
  • Slovakia // May 5th-9th
  • Austria // May 10th- 13th
  • Czech Republic // May 14th-18th
  • Paris // May 19th-20th
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota // June 10th
  • Northern Wisconsin // June 11th-18th

And if you’re getting married in Paris, Austria, or the Czech Republic during the month of May (or maybe just if you’re getting married anywhere in Central Europe or France), you must let me know. The same goes for those lucky individuals getting engaged in the area.

Because if you're a nice person, and a happy person, and you're madly in love, then I want to take your picture.

While I know I’m crazy for putting my hopes of shooting a wedding in Europe out into the universe, I’m also a dreamer. And I think I stand with the majority when I say I’d rather be a crazy dreamer than a safe realist.