Pretty Little Weddings : FEATURED

I guess I should have known it would happen – with a couple as ridiculously perfect as this, somebody is bound to take notice. But when Jillian wrote to ask if she could feature Kelsi + Matt’s engagement session on the gorge wedding blog, Pretty Little Weddings, I was still blown away. I do a happy dance every time I find out one of my couples is being featured. The dance is, like myself, supra awkward and extremely incriminating. But having your client’s published? I like to think that’s something to dance about. The truth is, I can’t take credit for these pictures. With Kelsi and Matt I really, really didn’t even need to be at their session. I could have left the camera on a tripod in a field and these two would have mastered the shoot with equal beauty and grace. But I’m thankful, and happy, they let me join in on the fun.

Kels + Matt, I love you both with all my heart. Way to go on wit yo bad selves being all beautiful and stuff. And Pretty Little Weddings? Well, thank you a million times over for the lovely feature!!

To view Kelsi + Matt's feature CLICK HERE!

Happy Wednesday, Michelle