Robbie + Kelly

It's always a little nerve-wracking meeting a couple for the first time. If they've already booked me for their wedding I'm even more nervous about how our first encounter might play out. What if they realize I'm actually really awkward? Or what happens when they discover I'm just a huge dork?! What if I have something on my face during the entire shoot?! But then Kelly showed up to the engagement session and told me she almost brought the same shirt I was wearing. And from that moment I knew, everything was going to be just fine. If we have the same taste in in blue button up shirts, I don't see how could anything possibly go wrong! Last month, during the very last week of gorgeous fall leaves and bright autumn colors, Robbie and Kelly met me at Smith Rock State Park for their Friday afternoon engagement session. After traipsing around the classic Central Oregon backdrop, we hopped in our cars and headed south in search of fall foliage. But not before making a pit-stop at the pumpkin patch to take pictures in a corn field!

Kelly + Robbie, you guys were even more awesome than I could have hoped. I had a blast spending the afternoon with you two and it made me all the more excited for next summer. I can't wait to document your gorgeous day at Pronghorn come July!

Cody + Kelly at Rock Springs Ranch

Couples like Cody and Kelly make it hard to ever stop smiling. After eight years of dating they may be completely and utterly comfortable around one another, but their excitement and giddiness and childlike joy in each other’s presence has far from dwindled. They care so deeply for everyone around them that it’s hard not to feel like the luckiest person in the universe when beside them. They’re the type of people who take you out to dinner after their engagement session and insist you eat a piece of cake at their wedding. They’re clients, yes, but being with them is so much more like being with friends than it is another day on the job. Watching their family and friends speak so highly of their character and kind hearts and love for each other made me even more thankful to get to do what I do. Kelly, Kellyyyyy!!!, I wish I could wrap you up and bring you with me wherever I go. You have the uncanniest ability to make a bad day bright and sometimes I wish I could forever have a Kelly Moulton beside me for when I need a little cheering up. Together you and Cody make an unstoppable pair and let me be the first to say that it was a privilege to get to be there the day you said I Do. Colton and I think the world of you two and hope there are a million more sushi dates in our future. Congrats on this new start of life as husband and wife and thank you to the moon and back for letting me capture your wedding. It was truly the most beautiful of days!!

Lovelovelove, Michelle

Who said we couldn't make the jumping picture fun again?!

I have to send an enormous thank-you to Kelly Louden at Rock Springs Ranch. She's the most wonderful person to work with and always ensures every last detail of the wedding day goes off without a hitch. Rock Springs brides are lucky to have her!!

David + Sarah at the Ranch on Beaver Creek

I've found few things to be quite as heartwarming and joy-giving as watching a friend find her equal in life. The one who makes her laugh and makes her cry happy tears and who brings out the best in her. When Sarah found David I think we all knew she had found her match. David is everything Sarah had always said she wanted in a man and yet at the same time he's one million times more than this. David is the type of person who always makes you feel special. He listens and cares and looks you in the eye when he speaks. He has a way of making everyone he comes in contact with feel valued and appreciated and loved, and I know, that more than anyone else in this world, Sarah is a lucky girl to be the beneficiary of this. David + Sarah, you should know that it's an honor to call you two friends. Colton and I are beyond blessed to know you and to get to do life with you. Yes, it was a total honor being your photographer, but beyond this is was so wonderful to get to be one of those you chose to stand beside you as you promised your lives together. You're a joy to be around and together you're the most beautiful example of true, pure, authentic Love. Congrats on this incredibly special and exciting season of growing together as husband and wife. I'm so, so, so, so happy for you both!

Love you to the moon + back!


Venue :: The Ranch on Beaver Creek Photography :: Michelle Cross Assistant Photographer :: Lauren Hurt Make-Up :: Kate Tuma