Robbie + Kelly

It's always a little nerve-wracking meeting a couple for the first time. If they've already booked me for their wedding I'm even more nervous about how our first encounter might play out. What if they realize I'm actually really awkward? Or what happens when they discover I'm just a huge dork?! What if I have something on my face during the entire shoot?! But then Kelly showed up to the engagement session and told me she almost brought the same shirt I was wearing. And from that moment I knew, everything was going to be just fine. If we have the same taste in in blue button up shirts, I don't see how could anything possibly go wrong! Last month, during the very last week of gorgeous fall leaves and bright autumn colors, Robbie and Kelly met me at Smith Rock State Park for their Friday afternoon engagement session. After traipsing around the classic Central Oregon backdrop, we hopped in our cars and headed south in search of fall foliage. But not before making a pit-stop at the pumpkin patch to take pictures in a corn field!

Kelly + Robbie, you guys were even more awesome than I could have hoped. I had a blast spending the afternoon with you two and it made me all the more excited for next summer. I can't wait to document your gorgeous day at Pronghorn come July!