A few years ago I photographed Lene's wedding. And a year before that Lene's mother made my wedding dress. And even a few years before that Lene let me traipse around our college campus taking pictures of her beautiful face and her bright red shoes. Lots has changed since we walked the streets of Corvallis taking pictures. We grew up, got married, moved away, moved back, moved away again and (re)started school. Yet somehow, so many years later, we're still able to spend an afternoon together talking about life, laughing about our world, and taking pictures of us exactly as we are right now. Someday I suppose we'll start thinking about having kids and I can only hope I'll be lucky enough to continue taking pictures of these beautiful friends of mine during that season of our lives - and the season after that maybe even the season after that. But for the time being I'm happy sneaking away for an afternoon to capture our faces during this season of life. Just as perfectly stunning as they are right now.