Dan & Molly

Here’s the thing about Molly - she’s the type of person who, had I not had a mortgage, I would have asked to pay me in hugs. Her very presence exudes joy and happiness and while you don’t need me to tell you this, her smile lights up the world. And although I was terribly nervous to meet Dan for the first time at the engagement session (<< what if he didn’t like me?! What if he thought Molly made a horrible choice in photographers?! What if!!), his calm, sweet, kind demeanor instantly had me smiling. Beside one another, Dan and Molly seem to make everything right in the world. Dan + Molly, why is July so far away?! Somewhere between kissing in the middle of a baseball field and cuddling on the banks of a river you had me wishing your wedding was this weekend. Thank you for planning an engagement session that was creative and fun and perfectly you. And thank you for being excited about life and love and weddingness. I’m so happy for you both and I cannot wait for this summer!! P.S. Molly, I hope you understand the resolve it took to not send you one hundred emails full of sneak peeks yesterday. Your ability to take amazing pictures instantly made my job extremely difficult!