The Winkler Family

I first met Hannah three weeks before my first year of high school. We were the only two, little bebe freshman on the Varsity soccer team and we (well, at the very least, me) were absolutely mortified. I was afraid of all of the older, prettier, more amazing-er girls on the team (let’s not even worry about the fact that one of them was Colton’s sister) and I was absolutely convinced that if I could just find a way to never say a word or make a wrong move, I could go unnoticed and therefore unscathed. But then there was Hannah. Athletic, hilarious, outgoing Hannah who made me feel like maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t be eaten alive. So that’s how I know Hannah.

Hannah’s family is from Oregon but for the past three years they’ve been spread across the world. This Christmas marked the first time in far too long that the entire family was together in one place. When Hannah asked if I would be able to capture a few photos of their entire group, I jumped on the opportunity. We spent the afternoon at Black Butte Ranch traipsing through the snow and sitting in front of the fireplace as we caught up on all of the latest and greatest in the Winkler family. I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorites from our day at the lodge…

At the end of our session, Hannah asked if I wouldn't mind grabbing a few headshots for her. Hannah lives in LA and is an actress. You can see her in her latest commercial, HERE!