Cody + Kelly

I’m not entirely sure how to introduce you to Cody + Kelly. Colton and I have known these two for years and have always hoped (but really kind of knew) that that they were in it forever. When said together, they’re names are most often followed with an ‘aww, I love those two!’ – or some similar sort of cooing and swooning. They’re the type of couple that makes you especially angry because you cannot possibly find one bad thing to say about them. This, in turn, is annoying to the umpteenth degree. Furthermore, they’re the type of couple that insists they take you out for dinner after their engagement session and absolutely, positively will not take no for an answer (thankyouforthebestsushiever!). So yes, we love them.

Cody + Kelly are getting married next September and while I’m a little miffed I have to wait nine months until their big day, I couldn’t possibly be any more excited for them and this crazy wonderful season of life that they’re in. A few days after Christmas we bundled up and met at downtown Bend’s Drake Park for an afternoon of fun pictures and lots of laughs. And fortunately for me they invited the world’s second cutest puppy…

Enjoy just a little taste of Cody + Kelly’s Bend engagement session!

Don't you just LOVE Charli?! I want her and Conway to be best best friends.

At the end of our session we hopped into the nearby coffee shop, Bellatazza, where Kelly used to work. It was the perfect timing for a warm cup of coffee and a little cozying up in the corner.