Room To Breath

Can I be candid for a moment? Yes? Oh, thankyousomuch. There are times when my cupeth runeth dry. Real dry.

And I think that sometimes, in the midst of the desert, you need to give yourself a little grace. A little freedom. And a little room to work itself out.

Last month I was feeling dry - extra dry. Stranded in the Mojave, dry. So instead of editing or blogging or returning emails, I gave myself an afternoon. One afternoon. I sat in the backyard and sorted through piles of my grandmother’s china. And then, as if for the first time someone had told me I was an artist, I created. Something pretty, and shiny, and colorful. Some place I would be excited to eat a meal.

Sometimes I think we deserve more of a break than we allow ourselves. Our souls deserve a break. A few moments to do something that really feeds the deepest part of our hearts. For you fellow artists, most of the time that means creating something just for you.

I’ve found that every time I take the time to do this – to give myself space – the rest of my work benefits greatly. It’s like we all simultaneously take one, giant, wonderful breath.

…of fresh air.

Happy Thursday, Michelle