Unconditional Love

The plan was to leave Bend and leisurely make our way to Napa Valley. To stay the night and wake up to a hearty breakfast in wine country. My mom and I had been planning a cross state road trip for the last three months and yesterday was supposed to mark the first day of our adventure. But after Conway’s puppy sitter fell through mid weekend, the last thing we felt like doing was wasting time eating an enormous meal as Connie sat alone, and foodless, in his kennel. We bagged Napa, and San Francisco, and the I5 diners we had made a point of seeing and instead set the cruise control at 90, urr, 55… When we finally set foot in the house at 5:15 this morning, the fifteen-hour, nonstop drive all seemed worth it. Conway greeted us with the same excitement and slobbery kisses he always does and though tired I made the resolution to love something, anything, in my life as zealously and unconditionally as a dog loves his owner.

From my office I can see as my mom lay asleep on the living room sofa, catching up on the shut eye we failed to get last night. And Connie, lying on the floor beside her, is resting his chin on her shoulder. Waiting, hoping, praying that any minute now she’ll awake and take him for yet another walk around the park.

Happy Monday, Michelle