Sammy & Griffin

She seemed nervous. Or maybe it was quiet, which for the bright and bubbly Sammy couldn’t be further from the norm. But today was different. Today was the day that she would finally call Griffin - handsome, thoughtful, kind Griffin, her husband. As the day moved forward and the hour when she could finally see her beau drew near, Sammy remained calm and poised, the essence of beauty and class. In front of their family and friends Sammy and Griffin promised to love and cherish and make each other laugh every day of their married life. And as they kissed to forever the church erupted with cheers and applause of delight. It's couples like Sammy and Griffin that can't help but make you smile...

Sammy, you are breathtaking.

The first time Sammy and Griffin saw one another was emotional and genuine and real. And beautiful.

After a few quick portraits it was time for the ceremony. And that face? That's the way Griffin looks at Sammy all the time.

After the ceremony Sammy and Griffin arranged to have the most lovely, red 1934 getaway car take them from the church. With Something Special hand painted on the back, I can't think of a more fitting ride for these two.

A touching father-daughter dance...

...And the party begins!

We slipped away from the dance floor to catch a few sunset pictures and I'm so glad we did. They might just be my favorite shots from the day.

Sammy & Griffin, I know I’m not alone when I say that being at your wedding felt like being part of a fairy tale. You’re the type of couple the makes the world a better place, a happier place, because you’re together. Congrats on such a beautiful start of your life and thank you for letting me share in your day. I feel so honored to have been there to capture it.

With love, Michelle

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