Monica Part I : Redmond Seniors

We’re almost related. Related enough to consider one another family, but not related enough to share the same blood. Basically, my aunt is her grandma’s sister. Simple, right? Right – my dad’s brother married the sister of her mom’s mom. Easy. Monica is an incoming senior at Redmond High and I was SO excited when she asked if I would take her senior pictures. I know Monica from, you know, family things, and she’s absolutely wonderful. She’s bubbly and beautiful and has the most contagious smile around. She’s also sweeter than sweet tea.

Monica, thank you so, so much for having me take your senior portraits. I know you have a million amazing choices when it comes to colleges, but just so you know I’m secretly hoping you come to California. That way you can come over whenever you miss home and we can hang out. And, you know, have family dinners.


It goes without saying, but Monica is just one of those absolutely gorgeous girls...

Isn't Monica's smile adorably beautiful? It makes me want to squeeze her and hug her and steal her all of her cuteness all at the same time.

After a quick outfit change we headed for a field of wildflowers and some more gorgeous evening light {with equally as gorgeous shoes!}.

The best part about this post is that it's only the first half! Monica's session was split into two different days and if you're as excited about the first half as I am then you're definitely going to want to stop by next week for the second half. A two part senior session of a fun + beautiful girl? Be still my heart!

Happy Tuesday, Michelle