Flea Market Treasure

For months Colton and I have been wanting to experience the famed Rose Bowl flea market and yesterday, finally, we found a day to make it happen. We woke up early and stopped for coffee before making the 45 minute drive to Pasedena. We parked between rows of Uhauls and Penske trucks and felt inadequate walking through the entry gates without an oversized grocery cart. For hours we walked the rows upon rows of vintage and antique stuff. And when our feet grew tired and our minds were on trinket overload, we left, satisfied. But not before trying our hand at a barter. We eyed this old viewfinder camera on our first pass through the aisles and as we walked toward the car Colton suggested we pass the camera once more. I'm so glad we did because it happens to be quite charming and rather handsome nestled in the corner of my office. Reminding me of a time when taking pictures was a different ball game entirely.

Happy Monday, Michelle