The New News : Vol. IV

It’s that time again. Time for an update on life, love, and all the annoying things I’ve been doing lately…

** I started using : ) smiley faces : ) everywhere and I’m horribly annoyed : ). I always resist these trends for so long and then, inevitably, I give in. : ) : ) : ) I'm so weak.

** I sent an email to the wrong address this week. Killll me! Fortunately the email didn’t contain any inappropriate information or include too many incriminating details. However, it was intended for a friend which meant that exclamation!points!were!in!excess! and words like ‘amazing’ were spelled ‘ahhhhhMAZING!!!’. Even if the content wasn’t too bad, the poor grammar and squealing girl lingo made me feel wildly vulnerable. Let’s not forget about the : ) faces, either…

** My mileage plan is getting a serious boost by all of this summer’s trips to Oregon. I didn’t think it was too over the top until Sunday as my parents dropped me off at the airport, I hugged them goodbye and said see you next week!

** Colton is deploying in February. I know February is long way off, but we just found out which makes it slightly newsworthy in our lives.

** I’m getting a landline in my office. Yo, 1999, go back to where you came from. It turns out living in a canyon isn’t great for cell service. I finally got tired of grabbing the phone, running outside and 100m down the road to stand directly above the sewer drain every time my phone rings (I don’t joke). Coincidently the only spot along our street where I was able to find service was on the curb above the drain. Ew.

** This weekend is the only weekend in July that Colton and I are together. There are five weekends in July, which makes it slightly more painful. I think we’re going to do something magical, like sleep in!

Happy Friday!