The New News :: Volume II

At the moment I’m writing from a hotel room in Waikiki. Or is it on Waikiki? Or maybe it's in Waikiki on Hawaii. ...Nope, it's definitely in Hawaii on Waikiki. Regardless, given the busy business of the past few weeks, I figured now would be the perfect opportunity to fill you in on the newsiest news as of late. Without further introduction…

>> For the first time Colton and I tried our hand at flying Space-A through the military (a less dependable version of Stand-by). We bought a one way ticket to Oregon for last week's shoots and decided that since Colton doesn’t need to be back to work until the end of the month (and because I have the luxury of taking work with me wherever I go), now would be as good a time as any to go….somewhere. We lucked out with available flights and landed on the island of Oahu yesterday afternoon.

>> I cut my own hair a few weeks ago. Whoa. I got to that point where I really, really couldn’t handle the split ends and shaggy locks. After Colton said he would never.ever.ever take the risk of cutting my hair (read: take the risk of ruining my life) I decided to take matters into my own hands. Naturally. The great thing is I’m not even being dramatic about the whole situation. I cut an entire four inches off and have yet to go to a salon to mend the damage. Why, you ask? Because there was no damage. Boom.

>> I think these shoes are kinda fabulous. Ridiculous, but fabulous. I won't be buying them because I realize that for the same amount of money I could save roughly a million dying babies and bring water to most developing nations, but I’m just letting you know. I want ‘em.

>> We started watching Dexter last week. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m sufficiently creeped out for the next decade, but I just can’t look away!

>> I’m so excited to nest. The feel of a new space and a new canvas to paint enamors me. As happy as I am to be relaxing in the Hawaiian sand for a few days, I’m equally as eager to get back to Cali and make our house a home. If I were a cheerleader, now would be the time when I say ‘YAY!’ and do one of those kick things where my foot flies behind my head.

Go Team!