Kaitlyn + Kyle :: Portland Engagement Photography

I'll be honest, when Kaitlyn first called to tell me about her new beau I was skeptical. Kaitlyn and I had been friends since the sixth grade and had been talking about Mr. Right since roughly that time as well. We wondered about his rugged good looks, his love for the outdoors, his witty sense of humor, and his passion for college football - four essentials otherwise known as the key points of Husbandry 101. So when I met Kyle for the first time in January of 2008, I arrived with a critical eye. Did he really love fishing as much as Kaitlyn claimed he did? Was he really, actually, funny? And could I count on him to buy Kaitlyn season tickets to Oregon State's football team?! Imagine my delight when I found that the answer to all my lingering questions (and many more) was a resounding YES! Not only did he pass our (slightly superficial) test with flying colors, but he soared above and beyond any man I could ever have dreamt of for Kaitlyn. He's kind, selfless, adventurous, and he has an uncanny ability to put up with Kaitlyn's fiery spirit (I love you, K!).

And Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn is equally as wonderful as Kyle (well, maybe even a little more so because she's my friend). She's without a doubt the easiest person you'll ever find to talk to. She's thoughtful and caring and has yet to meet a stranger. In a word, she's really just a hoot - an adorable, blonde, all-American kick in the pants.

Kaitlyn and Kyle, I, just...love you. I'll refrain from getting too sappy on the internet, but you should know that I think the world of you both. I feel so honored to be shooting your wedding and cannot wait for October to finally arrive.



World, meet Lucy - the most precious dog on Earth.

Kaitlyn, I know you don't need me to tell you this, but you are stunning. Absolutely stunning!

We found a gorgeous open field under the Burnside Bridge and Kaitlyn and Kyle volunteered a few of their uh-dorable dancing skills.

Oh my heart...

And the bling - complete with Kyle's grandmother's diamond.

After one last wardrobe change we shot a few quick pictures in the city...

...you two look good!

I can't decide which I love more; Kaitlyn's laugh, or the look on Kyle's face as he's looking at his girl. Both are sort of wonderful.

Happy Wednesday!