Breanne :: A Maternity Shoot

**This post makes me happy Breanne is Colton's sister. At the time I took these pictures she was little more than a week away from delivering twin girls - Annabelle and Evelyn. This was the first time I've photographed an expectant mother since starting my business and the challenge it presented overwhelmed me. There is something both insanely strong and surprisingly fragile about a pregnant woman. I can't fully grasp it yet and I realize I won't be able to for quite awhile, but I know that when my camera and I were in Breanne's presence I felt the need to slow down. To stop the frantic clicking of my shutter and to really look at the beauty in front of me. I saw it even more so as I edited Brea's pictures, but there is something graceful, even enchanting, about a mother to be. She's carrying one flawless, untainted, perfect little soul destined to make her mark on the world.

...Or in the case of Breanne, two perfect little souls.

Brea, you are breathtaking...

Sending bundles of love to you and the bebes today. Please shower them in a few extra kisses from me.