The New News :: Life

Lately I've been giving a great deal of thought to the purpose of blogs. What are they used for, what info do they give, and why do we religiously check our favorites on a twice daily basis?! While I wouldn't dare attempt make a generalization about the blogosphere's readership as a whole, what I do know is why I am an active blog reader. The truth is I like to feel as though I know people. I like to hear the random stories and watch the current events unfolding in the lives of those I know, those I would like to know, and, ashamedly, those I'm too afraid to talk to in real life. When it comes down to it all I'm looking for is a common connection with others. The type of relationship where we finish one another's sentences, borrow each other's shoes, and take wild road trips across the country together. As ridiculous as it sounds, deep down it's the reason I read blogs. So, here, I've decided to start giving you the news. To some this will seem completely random and entirely mundane. I get it and that's okay with me. But for others of you this will be an opportunity to jump inside the walls of my life, grab a cup of coffee, and chat for hours about how we wish we'd met earlier. I'll admit that the following file folder of info will seem absurdly disorganized and seemingly unimportant. And being completely honest, I'd have to say you're right. But, if we're being honest and all, my only rebuttal would be a big, warm, Welcome to my World!

And on that note...

>>> I'm trying to watch fewer trashy television shows. I wanted to cut cold turkey but realized I needed a little background noise during the day. Instead I've opted to turn on the National Geographic channel every time I get a TV craving. And while I do miss Lisa, NeNe, and Bethany, did you know an Orca whale can kill a great white shark (the artist formerly known JAWS) in just one bite?! People, this stuff is far juicier (and considerably less uncomfortable) than all of the Real Housewives reunions combined.

>>> Colton's parents are coming to stay with us this week. We really lucked out in the in-law department. We actually both, wait for it, like the other person's family. I find this especially awesome seeing how both families seem to like us and continue to visit. Can you say WINNING?? ...Whoa, I think I just felt a wave of nausea for having used that word in a blog post. Where is tiger blood when you need it?

>>> I'm really into oranges right now. We bought a bag of citrus last week and now I'm all smitten. Today I ate three, which might explain why I'm also suffering from a wicked cold-sore.

>>> We've started the process of planning our moving adventure West (Also in new news: We're moving to California!!). But, true to form, we have no idea where we'd like to stop. We're taking suggestions for must-see places anywhere between...well...the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Suggestions for locations along I40 aren't required but do get bonus points.

>>> I'm getting super, super excited for this summer's weddings. I'm feeling way blessed to be shooting here and here this year, as well as at a handful of other lovely venues.

>>> SPOILER ALERT!!! We (and by we I mean me, my business, my iMAC, and my coffee pot) are currently in the process of a branding and blogging remodel. While it goes against all of my better judgment to tell you this now, I'm painfully bad at keeping secrets. When something is this exciting it's physically impossible for my lips to stay shut about it. I feel like I'm getting a new wardrobe and the only thing I want to do is use a megaphone to tell the world.

>>> It took me the better part of thirty minutes to make the New News graphic above. This reaffirmed my suspicion that God forgot to tighten a few screws when creating the graphic design portion of my brain.

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into what my world currently looks like. Maybe, sometime, you could tell me about yours?