WPPI {And Fabulous Las Vegas} :: Photography

Whoa. One year ago I was on a plane with my mother {who I love}, headed to Sin City to spend a week at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International {WPPI} conference. It's no exaggeration when I say I didn't know a single soul in attendance. Nobody. No one. I vaguely recognized a few of the featured speakers' names, but aside from this, I was the definition of a loner. I was so alone, in fact, that I emailed my own wedding photographer asking if there was any chance he was going to the conference. You know, so I could stand by his side the entire week and pretend I knew people. But he wasn't going. Which meant I really, really didn't know anyone.

Fortunately for me, I didn't leave the conference not knowing anyone. Over the course of the week I met what have become some of my closest friends and peers in the industry. I love these people so much that this year I'm rooming with them, dining with them, walking to class with them, and dressing up in true Mad Men fashion with them to attend the photog. parties I was too mortified to attend last year. At the risk of sounding shamelessly pathetic, I'mSoExcitedToHaveFriends!!

Today I'm getting on another plane headed for Las Vegas, and while I'm thrilled to bring along Colton and my dad for the weekend, I'm super, super happy about the fact that I'll be spending the next five days with fellow photographers who inspire me, encourage me, push me to be better. If you're headed to WPPI this week, let me know when you'll be where - I'd really really really love to meet you!

And to my mom, thank you for being my roommate last year and for making me dinner every night when I didn't have any friends to hang out with. You really are the best.

Happy Weekend!