The Winter Essentials :: My Favorite Things

As it would turn out, I find an odd sort of satisfaction from making lists. Lists of things to do, places to see, people to meet, letters to write, movies to see. Even making lists of lists to write can make my darkest day bright. Given an entire day to list make, I'd only be able to formulate one quarter of the lists prepared in my mind. Which is exactly why I've decided to start sharing a few compilations of my favorite things with all ya'll {I'm trying to learn how to speak Southern. To date I've only mastered the use of ya'll}. With the recent chill in the air and the new sweaters from Santa we've all started to don, I've put together a list of winter essentials - the must-haves to make it through a three month span of cold weather and gray skies.

1. A brightly colored scarf to keep the neck region warm and to ward off many a gloomy day.

2. Big, warm, thick socks {the uglier the better}.

3. Corduroy pants. A slim fit provides for the most comfortable couch cozying.

4. A faux fur vest {to sport your style while cuddling in front of the hearth}.

5. Cashmere hand-warmers - fashion forward yet functional.

6. Drinking mugs large enough to dwarf your hands {and big enough to wrap ten chilly fingers around}.

7. Hot buttered rum {no explanation required}.

8. The Arc'teryx Alpha jacket. The slim cut will show off your wintry curves {be proud} while the Gore-Tex shell will be sure to keep even the sneakiest of snowflakes from getting in.

9. The classics. Any {good} book accompanied by numbers two, six, and seven will make the most wintry of afternoons a sheer delight.

Welcome to January and happy cuddling!