The South :: My Favorite Things

We're headed to Charleston for the long weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled to explore this true Southern staple of a city. I've been feeling this sense of urgency to make the most of our limited time left in the South and as such I've made it a goal of mine to learn how to cook okra, tie big bows, and fry everything. In honor of our upcoming getaway, I thought it would be the perfect time for a blog post on my favorite things Southern Edition. Happy readin', Y'all.

1. Brown leather riding boots top this list. They're the epitome of I can wear these with anything and make this a nice outfit boots.

2. SEC football. While I'll always be partial to the PAC 10 {which I realize sounds ridiculous to most of you}, football here is an entirely different {wonderful} world. Camping out to reserve a tailgating spot, wearing dresses to the game, eating more food than I'm used to seeing on Thanksgiving - these people know how it's done. And I like it.

3. Antiques. Technically, I'm easily pleased and anything old will do. I'm in awe of the fact that this place had cities three hundred years before the West had states. I will never grow tired of the fact that in the South I can buy a house built the same year people in wagons set out for Oregon. Fo real.

4. Bow ties. Sigh. I want a million of them. And I want Colton to wear a different print for breakfast, lunch, and dinner supper.

5. Peonies. I've finally made it to a place I only believed existed in my dreams. A place where peonies are in every bride's bouquet, every house's garden, and every dinner's table. This is bliss {and I just successfully personified 'house' and 'dinner'}.

6. People wear pearls to the grocery store here. And for good reason, too. It's impossible to not feel fancy when sporting a strand of freshwater jewels. I'm definitely a supporter.

7. The overabundance of overtly preppy dresses make my heart happy. And reveal the inner girlishness I sometimes forget I'm stifling.

8. I'm admittedly embarrassed fried chicken made it to the list. The side of me that genuinely loves all foods promising to take at least one year off my life is a side of me I try to shove in a box and hide in a dark, musty attic. Still at times, the weekend ahead for instance,  the dive-bar-wings-loving, southern-fried-chicken-eating, sweet-potato-pie-needing side wins and I willingly hand over years of my life to have just one taste of reeeal shrimp gumbo. I'm weak, I know.

On that note if you have any recommendations as to where we should eat, stay, play, or visit in Charleston, please let me know. True to form we have no plans other than finding the locals' favorite food joints and walking the {old} streets with coffee in hand.

Happy Weekend!