My Reading List :: Life

I always read more in the winter. I think it's a natural tendency most of us experience given the appeal of keeping cozy with a soft blanket and a warm fire. My most recently completed piece of literature is Annie Leibovitz At Work and it. was. awesome. The book is an extremely easy read and I think I read its entirety in only a few hours. I've always admired Annie's work and this self-narrated novel allowed me, if only for a day, to catch a small glimpse of her thought process {which in a word is genius}.

A few of my other recent favs include all three books in The Starcatchers series and A Tale of Two Cities {remember this post?!}. You should know I'm somewhat childish and my level of reading may not be up to par with the majority. I wouldn't recommend taking my advice without careful consideration as it's not unusual for me to search the young adult section for new prey.

Happy weekend and happy reading!