I'm Related to my Mother :: Personal

THIS JUST IN. As it would turn out, I'm actually my mother's daughter. I've always taken this as a fact of life, but never really understood where the genetic similarities would lie. But last week, in a completely foreign and unnatural turn of events, I felt the urge to BAKE. My mom isn't one to just bake, she's one to bake. She prefers to keep the house with a permanent aroma of fresh bread, homemade truffles, and ancient Czechoslovakian recipes that came across the pond with my great grandma. Naturally, I quit before I was behind and never tried to take up the art of baking. Until last week when butter, sugar, and whipping cream wooed me with their good looks. Friday it was chocolate truffles. Saturday, bread pudding. Sunday sounded like a day for peppermint bark. And today? Today I decided shortbread cookies would be a welcome addition to our home.

I'm assuming it's just a strange bug that accidentally fell upon me - a three day flu of sorts. But I'll nurture her as long as she wants to stay. This illness definitely beats bed rest and chicken noodle soup any day.

{Don't judge. I'm still working on making things that actually look good.}

Happy Tuesday!