Best of 2010 :: Details

Welcome to Christmas week, friends! I cannot believe we're already rounding the corner and making the homestretch toward the new year! 2010 has been one crazy-beautiful-insane twelve months of awesomeness. I've spent the last few weeks reflecting on all that this past year has been while looking forward with excitement to the new year that lay ahead. This week I'll be writing a handful of Best of 2010 posts in which I'll be sharing my favorite photographs in a selection of categories from throughout the year. Today I'm kicking off these posts with something truly near and dear to my heart. Details are the salt to my pepper and the butter to my bread. In a sense, they make my world turn. I've had a blast looking through all of this summer's weddings and I couldn't be happier to present the following images in my Best of 2010 :: Details post. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some seeeeriously good looking eye candy!

Happy Christmas Week!