Aloha and Aloha :: Photography

Aloha from Hawaii! {Ironically, after typing that - and saying it aloud in an annoyingly chipper voice, I had flashbacks of the Hawaiian Island weeks on Wheel of Fortune back when Pat Sajak's toupee didn't look quite so incriminating.}

After one of the busiest, most eventful weeks of our life and roughly a hundred hours of traveling, I have finally made it to the {absolutely fabulously} incredible island of Maui. The sun is heavenly - as in God definitely put it here himself, and the breeze is actually infused {again, most likely by God} with aromas of Banana Boat coconut oil. Tomorrow is the start of the Making Things Happen intensive and I am overwhelmed with everything I'm feeling about what these next few days holds. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from Lara Casey, Fred Egan, and Jory Cordy as well as the handful of workshop attendees who are all extremely talented and successful individuals. But I'm nervous. It's like I'm going to summer camp only instead of sharing a cabin with the other awkward, Keds wearing, jumper sporting twelve year olds, I'm rooming with all the cool camp counselors who have awesome wilderness names like Rabbit's Claw .

Ugh. My stomach just dropped thinking about it.

I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. I'm hoping for the best, nervous about who I'll sit by, and wondering if I'm going to cry midway through the day because I missed the stuffed animal on my bed at home. But success or failure, I promise I'll tell you how it goes.

Here's a peek of the session I did today at the Fairmont Wailea with the ever adorable Emily Scott.

Happy Monday and Aloha! {See, 'cuz Aloha means bye, too, in Hawaiian - the language I am quickly becoming fluent in.}