Making Lists :: Life

For as long as I can remember list making has been my rail pass from a chaotic mind to an organized world. When deciding upon the better of two choices, a list of pros and cons forced me to see the best option. When writing essays in college a list of brainstormed thoughts was exactly what I needed in order to put pen to paper. And when planning my wedding a to-do list was by far my saving grace throughout our eight month engagement. Lately I've been making a new kind of list - one that consists of everything I love about where I live. To be honest it began as a mental list of things I love about where I used to live. But after realizing the beauty of Northern Virginia, I decided two lists would be necessary. I'm making this post short by leaving you with the following lists of things I luuurve about Central Oregon and Northern Virginia. Two places and I've grown to call home.

Things I love about Central Oregon ::

1. Recycling. I feel guilty, way guilty, when the Grocer gives me plastic instead of paper.

2. The Outdoors. I miss having roads with bike lanes and cars with ski racks. ...I'm so weird. I also miss this place.

3. Independent breweries + coffee houses.

4. Hot days, cool nights, no bugs, and no humidity. My kind of summer.

5. Farmland ...I'm more of a country girl than I let on.

Things I love about Northern Virginia ::

1. Being 20 minutes from the most powerful city in the world.

2. History. The west coast kind of missed out on that whole American history thing.

3. Proximity. I am close to everything here.

4. Old Houses + Estate Sales. I have a slight affection for all things old.

5. Farmland...I'm more of a country girl than I let on.

I snapped these pictures while my mom and I were hiking through Smith Rock this morning. They remind me of how unique and beautiful this home of mine is.

Have a wonderful evening,