Oregon Apple Pie

I bet I’ve eaten more terrible food over the past 14 days than you have. I can’t be sure, because I’m too sheepish to step on a scale, but I’m fairly certain I’ve gained one pound per day for the past two weeks.


I’m trying to give myself a little grace, which considering my mom's baked goods are actually impossible to resist, is really quite easy. Still, I like to forgive myself for thoroughly enjoying all of the amazing food I’ve eaten over the past few weeks and 100% do not regret consuming. Had I not had nineteen shortbread cookies, per day, or substituted peppermint mocha for skim milk in my four daily servings of coffee, I would have zero lofty goals to make for the New Year.

In honor of all of this delicious food, I’m including the following photos of a few of this year's baked apple pies. Since it’s December 31st, you should go find something delectable to eat as you still have a few moments of freedom remaining. But know that tomorrow I expect us to spend 27 hours in the gym in an attempt to reach our New Year’s goal of loosing 76 pounds by Friday afternoon.