James + Kimmie

A few weeks ago, on their trip home to visit Oregon, James and Kimmie invited me to take portraits of their little family and baby-to-be. Kimmie is the essence of a glowing momma who radiates happiness, and it’s clear that James is already an incredible father. I love maternity sessions because they’re so full of excitement and anticipation and wonder over what the new bundle of love will look like. It was such a joy spending the evening with these two as we talked about life with their future baby boy. It’s a truly exciting season and with parents like this, I cannot wait to see just how handsomely beautiful their little guy is! James and Kimmie, thank you for letting me be the first to take baby Liam's pictures. You are already absolutely amazing parents and I'm so excited to watch as you continue on this wonderful adventure of raising your son. Thank you for letting me spend the evening with you and for being so kind as to laugh at all my cheesy jokes. I'm now bound and determined to find a way to make it to Virginia for Baby's arrival just so that I can take his first (real) photos! I'll consider this fair warning that I may show up on your doorstep the day Liam is born?!

xoxo, M.