Ben + Brooke

It's impossible to spend even one minute with Ben + Brooke without laughing. They have this zany zest for life that seems to overflow into every detail of conversation. They're excited about wedding planning and Portland living and their adorable pup, Sadie. And while their joy is addicting, the most wonderful part of it all is that beneath the layers of laughter and happiness and smiles, nothing compares to the love they have for one another. I was honored to get to spend the afternoon at Brooke's family cabin near Mt. Hood where we were able to capture this sweet season of life beneath towering trees and the fresh crisp air of the Cascades. Brooklynnnn, what would I do without you?! You exude life's joy and I hope you know just how blessed I feel to get to be your wedding photographer. Anytime a bride becomes a friend I feel like the richest, luckiest, most special wedding photographer in the world. I hope it goes without saying that you have absolutely become a friend to me. And Ben, thank you for loving this lady with all of you. I can't wait to watch you two say I Do in just a few short months!!!


I would be remiss if I didn't send a huge thank-you to Nicole Wagner of Powder Inc. Makeup in Portland for working her magic on Brooke. Brooke is gorgeous as is, but Nicole is a true artist and did an incredible job of allowing Brooke's most naturally gorgeous self to show through for engagement photos.

After leaving the picturesque views of Trillium Lake we completely changed scenes for a little cuddling in the woods. I've already given Brooke fair warning that at any time she might find Colton and I trying to sneak in to the cabin for a weekend getaway.

Maybe I have just a small, tiny, teensy (read enormous) bit of ring lust over Brooke's bling.