The Roe Family

Words can't describe just how much Colton and I love this family. If we had it our way we'd spend every evening playing hide + seek with the girls while fighting over who gets to cuddle baby Jimmy. It's convenient that we're related and thus required to spend a certain amount of life together. Our love for these little bundles of perfection (and their parents!) spans the universe and we feel so lucky to get to call them family. It's a widely known fact that our kids are going to have pretty awesome older (<<-- much older) cousins some day. I can't publish these photos without mentioning that the Roe's set a new standard for the family portrait session. With three children, all under the age of two, running and playing and cooing and laughing for over an hour (during intermittent bouts of rain, I'll add), this new precedent is hardly attainable by the average American. If our bebes are one tenth as beautiful and sweet and well mannered and happy as these angels, we'll be blessed beyond measure.