David & Sarah at Brasada

One night last summer at our annual great escape, we sat around a crowded table and listened to Sarah tell us about David. How he was kind, and so smart, and how his faith encouraged her own. How he was from a small town, loved the outdoors, and had an amazing family. How he loved anything related to athletics and how he never encouraged Sarah to be anything but her most naturally gorgeous self. …And maybe we also listened as Sarah told us about how David was especially handsome.

While Sarah continued to assure us they were taking things slowly, seeing where their relationship would go, I think that night we all knew our friend had met her match. When I finally met David a few weeks later I threw up my arms and ran across the family restaurant to greet Sarah’s boy with a slightly overwhelming hug.

Sarah, there are no words to express our happiness for you. I love you to the moon and back and could not be any more excited for this season of life (and love) that you’re in. David, we love you! Welcome to the craziest, most diverse, most loyal (might I add most awesome?!) group of friends you’ll ever know. We really truly couldn’t think of a better guy to take care of our lady.

Love you guys forever. LET’S GO GET MARRIED!!

M. I met David + Sarah at the always gorgeous Brasada Ranch for an engagement session full of horses and big red barns and Pendleton blankets and bright blue skies...

Many thanks to Kate Tuma for doing such an incredible job with Sarah's hair and make-up.