Shawn & Jill

What I love most about Shawn & Jill is their genuine zest for life. They are both such creative and joyful and fun (<< super fun) individuals that together it's easy to see they will most certainly conquer the world. Their style is the most delightful combination of quirky and classy and their wedding was a truly beautiful reflection of this style. So when the crowd stood and the music began, nobody was too surprised to hear Jill and her father walk down that life changing aisle to the Star Wars melody. It was perfectly Jill and it was perfectly Shawn and on that early August evening everything was perfectly them. Shawn & Jill, I want to hug you and high five you and run through fields taking pictures with you all at the same time. Your excitement for life radiates throughout all you do and it was so fun to see that joy reflected in your wedding. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me document the day you laced up your Converse Chuck's and became Mr. & Mrs. Chapman!


I'm having a serious love affair with Jill's ring. And while I know it's wrong, I covet it. Isn't it absolutely stunning?!

Jill, a student at George Fox University, hand carved the figures below (in the likeness of herself and her groom) to be placed on top of the wedding cake. Making them, hands down, the most detailed and creative cake toppers I've ever seen!

The bride's father made the arbor below specifically for his daughter's wedding day. And after adorning it with draping hops plants, it made the most beautiful backdrop for Shawn & Jill's ceremony.

Ceremony time!

Shawn with his handsome men...

...and Jill with her gorgeous ladies.

After the formal portraits were finished, Shawn + Jill snuck away for a few bride and groom photos during the sunset.

Hello, Handsome!

I'll leave you with these photos of the happy couple's first dance as husband and wife - because they're pretty, and romantic, and the perfect glimpse into the sweetness that is Shawn & Jill.