Daniel & Ashley

I had been looking forward to their wedding since their sweet, country engagement session last fall. It was on that day when I had the chance to hear all about their wedding plans, their life dreams, and their mutual love for pups Trey & Axel. It was also on that day that I realized Daniel & Ashley were just about as great a couple as they come. They're kind and caring and genuine and authentic, and beyond all of their fantastic character traits, they're fun! So much fun. With qualities like this I knew their wedding would be one to remember. Daniel and Ashley were married last month at the Larkin family ranch. With towering Junipers and an array of natural Central Oregon landscape, it was the perfect backdrop for a country wedding. And with the attention these two paid to detail, their day was just as beautiful as it was meaningful.

Rene of Rene's Maison des Fleurs created the most beautifully breathtaking floral arrangements. Each a little different but equally as stunning, I could have spent the entire day taking pictures of just the flowers.

Remember Trey + Axle - the pups from Daniel and Ashley's engagement session (and also the most photogenic dogs in the world)? As I was trying to document Ashley's bouquet and boots, Axel was pretty insistent upon being in the picture. I think he's equal parts farm dog and Diva.

Ceremony time!

Instead of lighting a unity candle or pouring sand into a glass jar, Daniel and Ashley put their own spin on the wedding tradition. The two carved their initials into a tree that stood at the ceremony site. Forever marking their place on the family ranch.

Ashley's parents went to great lengths to can homemade pickles for wedding favors. It was the details like this that made Daniel & Ashley's wedding a dream to photograph.

A sweet first dance as husband and wife...

...followed by a few more portraits in the dewey evening light.

I was so excited to see Trey make an appearance at the reception. Axle had his moment in the spotlight before the wedding, so I think Trey was feeling a bit left out. He completely cut a rug on that dance floor.

Daniel and Ashley, le sigh. It was truly an honor to be part of your day. Thank you for inviting me in and treating me like family. For letting me capture your joy and your love and your story. My gratitude stretches to the sky and I hope you know I think the world of you both!

Lots of love, Michelle