The Canyon Estate

After a six month introduction to Real Estate, four unsuccessful offers on homes, and what seems like a million house tours, Colton and I are officially homeowners! It's all still a bit wild to me...

Also wild is the fact that Colton has never actually seen this house he now owns. Ever. While our home search began long before Colton deployed, it wasn't until one Saturday morning in March that I made an offer on one handsome little 1942 home on Canyon Drive.

With an extra large dose of character for turning 70 this year, we've appropriately named our first home The Canyon Estate. Canyon, because he sits right on Canyon Drive, and Estate because...well...I'm actually not entirely sure why we're calling it the estate. He's just a little guy.

And since I know you're dying to see photos, I'll leave you with these pictures of my favorite, and completely unexpected, part of the home - the original 1942 blueprints to the house.