Eli & Emily

They’ve known each other for, technically, ever. And really, they were destined to be together from before they were born. With mothers who were college roommates and too many shared experiences to be considered coincidental, Eli and Emily were truly just meant to be. But with families in completely different parts of the state, for years Emily’s only memory of Eli was the annual Conlee family photo that came with each year’s Christmas card. So when Mrs. Conlee and Mrs. Blaylock saw one another across the room on the first day of their children’s college orientation, it was as if no time had passed at all... for the former college friends. For Eli and Emily, however, it was day one of a friendship that would last throughout the next four years and well into their post-university adventures. And while they would admit to finding one another ever so attractive, it was their friendship that had truly grown over college classes, backyard barbeques, and dinners initiated by the rekindled friendship of their mothers.

But all this changed last fall when the Conlee’s came to visit the Blaylocks. Emily had just moved home from a few years of living in Washington D.C. and something felt different, better, about her friendship with Eli. Fortunately for Emily, Eli was feeling the exact same thing. It didn’t take long to realize that all the while the past six years of friendship had been leading to a lifetime of love for these two.

Eli and Emily, ohmystars. I didn’t know I could love you any more. But then you go and plan this absolutely perfect engagement session and I find myself even more excited for your August wedding. Your smiles make me smile and I’m just so happy for you both. Thanks for letting me join you in this crazy beautiful adventure of falling in love, planning a wedding, and marrying your best friend!


This light? It's the reward that comes to those few individuals who are willing to wake up 4:00am on a Sunday morning for their engagement session.

Eli designed Emily's ring himself. And then he patiently waited for four whole months for the ring to be completed before he would propose.

I love this session because Eli and Emily made a point of incorporating so many details that were important to their relationship. From sentimental books that they'd gifted to one another to cupcakes and bread that they made together, not a thing was included that didn't have meaning.