Scott & Abby

It's taken more self control than I knew I possessed to not blog this session earlier. But after being a patient little...possum?!, it makes me so happy to finally share this couple with the world. Last month Scott and Abby met me on a sunny Central Oregon afternoon for an engagement session that ranks as one my favorites. Ever. I've spent a great deal of time with these photos and yet every time I see them I'm left with the same sense of life and joy. Scott and Abby are somuchfun to be around. And while they repeatedly let me know they were nervous to have their photos taken, I think it's clear they were pure naturals in front of the camera. The love these two share is so sweet and natural that it has a way of making everyone around them comfortable - yours truly included. Their engagement pictures can't help but make me smile, leaving me to wish their September wedding was just wee bit closer. Scott and Abby...sigh. It's simple, really. I just like you guys. You're so fun and great and ridiculously good looking that sometimes I wonder why on earth you're so kind and generous to hang out with me (but I'm SO happy you do!). Thank you for asking me to be part of your wedding story and congrats on the start of forever. I've no doubt your big day is going to be perfectly perfect - just like you!

xoxo, Michelle

Hey Abby, stoppppp it.