Jake & Sierra

Over the past few years I’ve found that some couples are hard to write about. I can sit here, at my computer, staring blankly at the screen for hours while failing miserably at typing anything. The irony comes in that it's hardly because I have nothing to say. Au contraire, I have everything to say. These are the couples whose relationship seems to surpass all expectations of what love should be. They’re the couples whose wedding you feel honored to be at. Like you’re witnessing something truly special. And sacred. And real. So on that note, I think you should meet Jake & Sierra. I have absolutely nothing to say yet given the opportunity I could talk for years about the beautiful love these two share. I really, really like weddings (hence the career choice), but it’s rare that I’m as excited for a wedding as I was for Jake & Sierra’s. To be so confident in two people’s need to be together that, had they only dated one day, I would have still known they were created for one another.

I really do believe that.

Jake and Sierra married a few weeks ago at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond. As their friend I can say that I wouldn’t have missed their wedding for the world. But as their photographer I can say that it was an honor to capture such a perfect love. It was one of those occasions that left me high as a kite on a windy day at the beach.

And thankful that I get to do this picture taking thing for life.

A little hairspray action...

Sierra!!! You are breathtaking!

When I saw the bridesmaids dresses Sierra chose, I died. And when I saw the flowers she arranged for the girls, I died all over again. She created such a beautifully wintry combination of colors and textures and people.

Ceremony time!

And then it was time to dance! Jake and Sierra started the party with a choreographed first dance to Donna Summer's Hot Stuff. And it.was.awesome!

Jake and his mother followed up with a line dance that had the whole room up on their feet!

And a paper airplane farewell...