Jake + Sierra

I can't tell whether it's the way he looks at her, or the shy, coy, sideways glances she gives to him. Whether it's the way he kisses her forehead while running his fingers through her hair, or the way she holds his hand and refuses to let go, ever. Whatever it is, Jake and Sierra love in a way that captures even the most unsuspecting of hearts. Their love makes everyone around them want to be near. Watching as they walk through life experiencing love the way it was supposed to be felt - authentic and real with such childlike zeal you can't help but smile. Oh, Friends! It makes my heart so happy to see you two together! Never have I been more certain that two people were really, truly created for one another. I know beyond all shadow of a doubt that your future holds many an exciting adventure. Adventures complete with evening campfires, a few toasted marshmallows, and an extra large supply of cuddling : ).

xoxo, Michelle

We began Jake + Sierra's Central Oregon engagement session at Todd Lake with a perfectly secluded view of Mt. Bachelor.

Jake + Sierra, thank you for trusting me. For relaxing and letting the afternoon unfold naturally. And more than anything, thank you for being you - sweet, adoring, shamelessly in love you.

Isn't Simon the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Jake and Sierra, you're pretty cute, too : )

After getting just what we needed at Todd Lake, we headed north a few miles to the nearby Sparks Lake. It was here that Jake and Sierra settled in for the evening with Simon, a guitar, and an ever cozy campfire.

Sierra, I can't believe you get to listen to Jake's incredible voice and guitar skills for the rest of your life! Can I, like, maybe, come over sometime and listen, too?!