A Last Minute Purchase

SHUT UP!!! I answered Colton’s call with an extra obnoxious squeal through the telephone. It's been just a few days short of a month since I've seen my husband and his call marked the first time in just as long that I'd heard his voice. Unfortunately, because I’m in Hawaii for Saturday’s wedding I won’t be back to Southern California until late Monday evening - making the next few days of knowing Colton is back but not being able to see him absolutely brutal. This morning, after a series of texts and phone calls and I refuse to wait until Monday night to see you’s, we bought Colton a last minute ticket to Honolulu. His flight left forty five minutes later and as we speak he’s sitting in the San Francisco airport awaiting his flight to Oahu.

I'll admit it was a little indulgent and yes, he’ll hardly be on the island 48 hours before we leave. But they’re 48 hours we wouldn’t have otherwise had together. And with the year of training and deployment that lay ahead, those 48 hours of beach laying and frosty beverage drinking with a man I’m madly in love with? I wouldn’t trade those for the world.

People have asked how I’m doing with Colton deploying this year. Being completely honest I keep brushing the comments off because it seems a little early to be thinking about it - almost as if it's making his seven month trek into a fifteen month ordeal. But the truth of the matter is that it’s real and it’s our life. We like to think of it as just one of the many adventures, and twists and turns, that will create the stories we'll one day tell our grandchildren.