The San Diego Zoo

We finally made a Bucket List. Well, a hypothetical bucket list. One that sits in the back of our minds, asleep, until a long weekend, or an average weekend, or just a few spare minutes come around. The San Diego Zoo has been topping that list since its inauguration and a few weeks back we were finally able to check it off as completed. Hypothetically. Here are a few quick pictures from our Saturday afternoon adventure. My only must-sees were the giraffes and the tigers. And the lions. And the polar bears. But I think we did a pretty good job at seeing, well, everything.

Maturity really just seems to seep from our skin. Like in this photo, for which I made that sweet girl to my left wait to have her picture taken!!!

And a few last shots from our gondola ride in the sky.

Here’s to hoping your Labor Day is light on the labor. Michelle