Avery + Matt

When Avery emailed to see if I would be available to take pictures of her and her beau, Matt, I was excited – to say the least. I’ve shot Avery before and she’s one of those rare breeds of people who make you feel more comfortable behind the camera simply because she’s so comfortable in front of it. She says things like ‘do whatever you need to do’ and ‘I trust you’ and ‘I just love your pictures’. She’s a real photographer's dreamboat. So, yes, I was excited. Excited that I would get to spend my afternoon photographing a girl I think is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. And excited that her ever handsome and especially kind boy would be along, too. Matt is getting ready to leave for Turkey for a year – a whole year! And Avery wanted pictures of the two of them together before he left. It's something I happen to think is sweet and romantic and delightfully old fashioned.

Avery, I know you’re being a totally awesome summer camp counselor right now and that you won’t be able to check these until the end of the week. But, I want you to know that I think you’re wonderful, just like Matt. And I hope that every time you look at these pictures over the next year you’re reminded of just how fun and great and perfect you two are together.

Because you absolutely are.