I’ve become the girl I swore I’d never be. I talk about him like he’s our firstborn and I volunteer his camera phone portraits to strangers, without invitation. When people talk about funny things their children do I chime in with funny stories about Conway. Which to most is insulting but to me is really the highest of compliments. And in September he’ll be flying back to Oregon with me while I shoot a few weddings at home. Taking my dog on the plane? Ohmygawd this goes against everything my parents ever taught me.

When I saw we had a Three Dog Bakery downtown it’s as if the Universe was forcing me to own up to my new behavior. It was a turning point between calm, cool, collected and socially acceptable, and shamelessly obsessed with a four legged canine. Fortunately for me the latter is completely socially acceptable in Orange County.

Even if you’re not a dog person it’s hard to ignore the reality that these puppy treats are quite charming. Ever a feast for the eyes, I take solace in the fact that if I buy a few for Conway I feel less of an urge to indulge in adorable, miniature bakery sweets for myself. And Connie could use a little extra junk in his trunk, anyway.

At last count I still liked Colton more than I liked our pup. Which I think means this is all still within a healthy range, right?

There’s no shame on this blog, People. No shame.