Sarah + Erik : As Told by a Bridesmaid

I remember our senior year of high school when Sarah and Erik first started dating. For an entire year Sarah and I sat during AP Statistics and wrote notes on college ruled paper about how handsome Erik was and how, well, handsome Colton was. For seventy minutes every day we stealthily sat in the back row of class and passed folded papers of hearts and stick figured couples holding hands. And it continued until an inappropriate note or sideways glance would inevitably cause us to erupt into laughter, ruining our stealthy guise and seriously annoying our teacher, Mr. Payne. And on Saturday, as if no time had passed since our days of high school statistics, giggles, laughter, and shrieks of inappropriate jokes filled Sarah’s room at Pronghorn Club & Resort. For hours Sarah and her bridesmaids sat and laughed and cried and spoke of just how absolutely stunning the bride looked in her Enzoani gown. As our hair was finished and our makeup perfected we slipped into our pink Amsale dresses before heading outside where Sarah would marry Erik in front of their family and friends and the backdrop of the Cascade mountain range. And the crowd would cheer with joy.

While I tried painfully hard to refrain from taking pictures at Sarah's wedding, it was physically impossible for me to not take a few - like a nervous tic that's equal parts annoying and nice. Because my main role on Saturday was being a bridesmaid these photos don't follow the same storyline that most wedding posts follow. But I think you'll find they're an adequate Clif Note version of the day: 1. Sarah was stunning. 2. Sarah has stunning friends. 3. Sarah married Erik in a fairytale wedding and danced happily ever ever.

All of Sarah's florals were arranged by Allison of Events by Mint. A mixture of drool worthy peonies and dreamy roses made for a wedding of stunning flowers. My bouquet is still sitting in the living room and I refuse to let it die. Ever.

Erik's mother, Susan, and (super great) sister, Erin - hieriniloveyou!

Sarah's mother, Katie, bridesmaid, Laurel, and maid of honor, Lacey

I cannot believe my friends look like this. I love it. Loveitloveitloveit.

One of the many great parts of Sarah and Erik's wedding is that I was able to spend the day with not one but two future brides whose weddings I'll be shooting later this summer. Sammy, I literally started counting the days until August on January 1st. And Kaitlyn, well, we both know I've been excited for your wedding since middle school.

A first dance as husband and wife...

...followed by one last, sweet father-daughter dance.

Sarah and Erik, congrats on the start of forever. You are two of the funniest, kindest, most adventurous people I know and there is no doubt in my mind you were made for each other. You're the last people that need a reminder, but I hope you live it up on the warm sands of Kauai!!

LoveLOVElove, Michelle

{P.S. Lauren Brooks, who photographed the wedding, was so sweet and generous in allowing me to take pictures throughout the day. Thank you, Lauren, for letting me take pictures of my friend!!!}